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Our motto is, "WHATEVER IT TAKES"

We aim to exceed your expectations in a warm welcome, seating with views of the parade of locals and tourists, authentic Greek cuisine, attentive service, and fun entertainment at various hours of your evening.

Each of us, chefs, servers, greeters, entertainers, and cleaning associates come to you with years of experience at the top hotels and restaurants in Colombia.

Some of us have worked in London, Vancouver, Beverly Hills, Caracas, and other exotic cities.  We share a common bond in world class food and beverage, as well as a love for Colombia, and especially our home, Magical Medellin.

We welcome you with open arms, open hearts, and open mind!

Christos Haritonides - OWNER


Christos is the founder of The Greek Connection of Beverly Hills, and top restaurants from London to Vancouver.

He has lived in or visited over 159 countries and launched The Cool Group in Dubai decades ago and counts as his air conditioning customers royal families, BMW, and other global brands.

You, our new visitor to the Greek Connection makes each evening a delightful surprise.  He will be happy to share with you an insider's view of Medellin, stories of the rich and famous, and a joke or two. 

Most of all Christos is interested in learning more about your visit, past and future plans.

Christos Haritonides.webp

Dimitrios Gaitis (Resume)


Dimitrios (Jimmy) is driven by delivering an excellent customer experience, and creating a life-long happy Medellin memory for you, our honored guest.

Jimmy's experience spans the food & beverage (F&B) spectrum, from working in hostels to managing F&B for yachts, bars, clubs, and restaurants from Mykonos to Pattaya.

New Friends


At its highest art form, the restaurant business is showmanship.

You see it in the way your food is plated and served, in our costumes, and on tables as we enjoy the exotic music and show off our dance and plate breaking skills.

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