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This description of our restaurant comes from one of our very first guests who remains a close friend to this day:

The owner, Christos Haritonides, is equal parts restaurateur and raconteur, who will greet you with a hug and wonderful smile. He knows more about Medellin and the world than anyone you are likely to meet, but is always more interested in you and your dining experience.

The Greek Connection has evolved into ‘A Moveable Feast’ of locals (paisas), tourists, international moguls, and occasional government types and underworld types.

You can enjoy watching a parade of interesting people on the street, or the exotic musicians and dancers on the big screen.

Even when Christos is not present, the food and service is worth your visit. When the ‘boss’ is present, you might be offered free samples of Cyprian souvla, and partake in their hookahs.

Soon, they will be launching a live jazz bar on the third level.

Over the past year, I have been introduced to a variety of characters, two of whom have become my business partners.

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